Customer Comments
"Keeping the Tradition!"
Dear Daniel Safely received my items. Thank you so much for your speedy service. Will definitely come back to shop.

Guten Tag, Daniel!
Thank you for being about the only person who supplies a selection of Ostfriesentee to North America! Over the past few years I've kind of become addicted to the stuff, and yes, I do drink it in the traditional way, with cream on top and Kluntje or Kandis on the bottom. I'm not East Frisian myself; although my family comes from North Germany, mostly Pomerania and Old Brandenburg, and we grew up drinking lots of strong black tea.
Not sure which is my favorite product so far- they're all good. Probably good old Thiele Broken Silber is the one I usually gravitate to. I should mention that Upton Tea also imports a variety of Ostfriesentee that's really flavorful. Until I discovered your website, that was the only kind I could get, since everyone stopped importing Messmer brand.
This time I thought I'd try a couple of new products that I hadn't had before. I'll let you know what I think.
Anyway, danke sehr for continuing to make these wonderful teas available to us Amerikaner!

Mit herzlichen Grüssen aus sonnigem trockenem Kalifornien,

“Daniel, you're the best! I put a check in the mailbox for you just now. You should receive it this week. Have a great day.”

“My sister in-law in Oldenberg, Germany has been sending me this tea for years and I've never know where to get in State side.  So happy to have found you.  Please email the invoice total and I'll place a check in the mail.”

“Moin Daniel: Thank you so much for sending this order our right away. I ran out of Kluntzes this morning. Have a great day.

“Thanks for all you do.  We really appreciate that you make these Ostfriesland traditions available to us here in the US.”

“I am soooooooooooooooooo looking forward to schluerping my tea. Thank you !”

“That tea is so amazing and I need very little to make a strong cup.  Lasts a long time.  When I was in Germany in October I bought some packages of Ostfriesen tea in bags but nothing to compare so I am finally running out and excited about receiving again.  I will send you a check.”

“My wife's maternal grandmother's family were part owners of the Bunting Tea out of Leer, Germany.   We went there last June but she ran out plus of the Kluntje that we purchased there.   So I am glad that you carry this tea.”

“Thanks, Dan for the fast service. We've got tea left for just 4 days!”

Moin Daniel!
“Thank you so much!  My mother received the package on Valentine's Day!  She was so happy!  She told me I should tell you that you have beautiful handwriting!  Hope you are staying warm!  I'm drinking a hot cup of tea right now!
Hope to visit you soon!”


Thank you as always for your prompt and pleasant service.  Loved chatting with you.  And look forward to to the next order.  Thanks so much for helping with research on tea set etc.  Have a Happy Weekend!

I am sooooooooo excited to get this teapot and warmer! It is so beautiful, and very special! I will treasure it! So glad I learned about it before it was too late. Thank you! 

Thank you for having your store. It keeps the memory of my family in Germany alive.

Thank you for this fun look at Ostfriesland tradition!  My great-grandparents emigrated to US from there in the late 1870’s.  I have been wanting to know more about the homeland they left behind. I know that they lived somewhere near the North Sea coast, and therefore I would like to know if I can order TWO of the North Sea tea tins (with Ostfriesen Gold tea, please!)

Lieber Anbieter,
bin zufällig auf Ihre schöne Teeseite gestoßen, und habe ein Bestellformular als attachment beigefügt. Sind Sie vielleicht auf Paypal eingerichtet? Das wäre für mich am einfachsten. Natürlich kann ich auch per Scheck bezahlen.
mit den allerbesten Wünschen von einem gebürtigen Norderneyer, te

Dear providers,
I stumbled upon your beautiful Teeseite, and have enclosed an order form as an attachment. Are you perhaps set up on Paypal? That would be the easiest for me. Of course I can also pay by check.
with the best wishes of a native Norderneyer

Hi- I placed an order this morning with you for some sugar and a gift set of tea - I see a UPS tag has been created and this will ship soon, but I have not gotten notification on how to pay for this order!!! Please let me know ASAP - I want to make sure you get your money!

Please email or mail invoice and I will pay preferably by check or cc.
Glad to hear from you. We were beginning to panic as our stash is running low.  I have regularly purchased through  Ms Marks in Iowa, but a relative visiting from Ostfriesland brought a supply a couple of years back, so we have not purchased from you yet. 
Can’t function without our cup of Thiele.

Yes, I meant a whole other small box of tea. I had to laugh because here "tea" only means loose Thiele Silber Broken Tee. I went through almost two bags at Thanksgiving. So a small postal box of tea would be great.

Hello Daniel,
Thank you so much for the speedy delivery of the tea package.  I enjoyed already several cups of tea, and it was delicious.
You'll hear from me more in the future.
Thanks, and all the best.

Thank you for being there and providing a piece of the Old World for us!

Moin Daniel,
Thanks for getting the tea together and shipped so quickly.  I just made payment via credit card through the link you sent.
I am looking forward to receiving the tea.  Some is for me and some is for a gift for my sister.
Lord willing, I will be back to order more when this tea is gone.
I hope all is well with you and your business.  I wish you continued success.

Hello Dan,
I just wanted to tell you that we love your products!  Thanks for the good selection, the good shipping, and the fair prices.
Warmly, E

Thank you!!! You made my day!

Thank you, Daniel.
From me and from my Mother.  You give wonderful service.

Moin Daniel,
I just paid the invoice and look forward to receiving the shipment.  This will be my husband's birthday present!  I lived for many years close to Bremen, my parents are still there, and my husband has developed a liking to Ostfriesentee.
Thanks again,

We were just at our church camp (I direct a week for families.) and all I could find was what I call “boutique tea.”  Instead I would like to provide them with “the real thing” and send three boxes of your bagged East Frisian tea to them.  Just choose three different brands and send them to the following address.  Then just send me the bill and I will pay for it.  Thanks much.

Dear Dan,
Our tea arrived in time for us to serve it for our family reunion.  Thanks so much for the speedy delivery!
Thanks so much for the teapot.   Just received the package.   You should have your check
either today or Monday.   Again, thanks for such speedy service.

I'll put that check in today's mail - thank you, we are scraping the bottom of the barrel!
Sophie loves her new teapot - she'll be heading off to college and couldn't image facing that w/out tea.
Looking forward to the package!!!
Herzliche Grüße

Moin Daniel,
The package with the beautiful Ostfriesische Rose teacup and saucer arrived safely today. I love the smaller traditional size. That just means one gets to have more tea!  I was looking for something to represent my Ostfriesen grandmother.
Thanks again,

Moin und Vielen Dank für alles. My supply I picked up in Schortens in August is almost out. It's nice to know I can count on your shop to keep up my habit.

I'm looking forward to this so much. I've missed this tea terribly since I moved back from Germany 6 months ago. It will make me very happy & cozy as the cold season FINALLY starts to set in here in California. Thank you! Best, Jennifer

I am the daughter of Jane McCormick, in Pocahontas, IA.  She is so thankful that you have this shop and she is able to keep her family's heritage alive for my sister and I. Drinking German tea brings me fond memories from my childhood.  I also thank you for helping keep this tradition alive in our family!

Dear Daniel,
Your package arrived , and I have already enjoyed a good cup of Ostfriesen tea with the kandis.
Thanks for having it available for those of us who cherish and enjoy  the goodies.
All the best,

I am very happy to have found your website. When I moved back to the U.S., I brought some bags with me, but I consumed them without any hope of having this tea again.

Thank you so much for your great service! My box arrived the day after you sent it!

Mailed the check, got someone else introduced to the tea!  Hence the three bags!

Thank you SO much for responding to my request for more tea so quickly!  I'm thrilled that you're able to fit an extra box in when shipping it!  I'll get you paid shortly!  I'm thankful that you're able to "feed my tea addiction" 

"A Home without Tea is merely a House." We saw this sign in Ireland a few years ago.

Hi Daniel, Love the prayer picture. Quality is outstanding. Beautiful craftsmanship. Mom was so happy. Thanks.

Dean Daniel,
Thank-you again for your prompt service.  We're getting low on tea so time to order again.  Also I've been tempted by the Moin, Moin Teacup for sometime now.  I have two old teacups that were used by my grandmother in Ostfriesland.  The pattern looks very similar. Is this a typical pattern used in the area?   Once I receive the order I'll see if I'm tempted to order more.

Hi Daniel, I received my tea set and I love it. Everything looks great. Thank you. Looking forward to the rest.

Thank you Daniel for prompt delivery and for what you do to keep these teas, etc., available

“Thank you...I'm looking forward to having some REAL tee!”

“I'm going to order some other items anyway, which caused me to inquire about the teapot.  By the way, your tea tins and kandis combo gifts were nice little gifts for friends at Christmas, both unusual and thoughtful for tea drinkers.”

“Moin! Bin zwar ursprünglich aus Süddeutschland, aber der Tee ist ein Geburtstagsgeschenk für meine Frau, die eine echte Ostfriesin ist Mit besten Grüssen”
“Hello! Although I'm originally from Southern Germany, but the tea is a birthday present for my wife, who is a real East Frisian Best Regards.”

Until two years ago my husband and maintained a second home in the small village of Westrum. Just outside of Jever We had our home for eleven years. Tee trinken ist zehr beliebt in Friesland! So glad to have found you!!!!

Daniel, Thank you for getting me the tea. My parents are so happy! Happy New Year!

A dear friend of ours turned us on to this tea. She also taught us the proper way to drink it. She recently lost her home and all her belongings in the Butte fire here in California so we are getting this for her for Christmas, so we are hoping that you can get it to us by then. Thank you

“Thanks for sending so quickly, Daniel! I look forward to enjoying for the holidays with the rest of the Ostfriesen descendants in my family. Happy holidays.”

Hello Daniel,
The Blau Dresmer tea cups were a huge hit for my husband's birthday.  He was so happy and surprised!  Thank you!

It came yesterday and all was well. Shall enjoy my Thiele Tee with Kluntje this coming Sunday.
Thanks again, Dan

Thank you, Daniel. I just paid for the order so you didn't have to wait for a check. I appreciate the way you do business! Can't wait for my Wallendorf pieces!

Thank you, Daniel, I'm looking forward to receiving the package. It will be like an early Christmas!

Dear Daniel,
“Thank you so much!
Your/ my package arrived today, with all the goodies. I do appreciate doing business with you.
Thanks again.”

“I won't be coming to the conference, and my supply is getting low! The tea is good and your service is Great. I prefer to send a check. Thanks” IA

Hi Daniel,
“We just paid the invoice using the online link.
Thanks for sending the tea out so quickly. “

“Dear Dan: I sent your payment using the link, and appreciate your speedy response in mailing the package. We look forward to our first cup of tea from Friesland.” Vielen Dank!

“Hello Daniel, it's time for me to order more tea. I am so glad that I can get my favorite tea here in the US, too. “

“My mother was born in Emden Germany. I had the opportunity to visit there for the first time about 2 months ago. I have been wanting the Ostfriesland Blau teeservice for a long time and started searching for it when I got home. I never expected to find a tea shop that specialized in Ostfriesland designs and products in Madison Wisconsin! I am originally from Southeastern Wisconsin ...Milwaukee, having been the last address I had before moving South. Thank you for being there. I hope we will do business together in the future.” SC

“I would like to order my usual 6 boxes of 50 bag Grungold tea. My 11 year old daughter is just as addicted to it as I am.”

“Thanks very much for the quick order processing. I received the package before I even had a chance to pay this invoice, so I just paid the invoice today.” Craig, CA

Moin! Und vielen Dank! Ich habe Kluntjes geschenkt gekriegt, und was kann ich denn sonst damit machen? Ausserdem, habe ich eine kleine Deutsch Klasse, und wir wollen am letzen Tag eine Teeparty machen. :)
Hello! And thank you very much! I got a gift Kluntjes, and what can I do with it otherwise? In addition, I have a small German class, and we want to make a tea party on the last day. :)

“I see where you are nicely stocked with the new Warnecke porcelain! This winter I ordered a Wallendorf bowl in the Dresmer blue pattern as a gift. I would now like to add to it with one Warnecke Frisian blue teacup and saucer.” IA

I love the Spitztute tea. I start every day with a large cup of Spitztute.

Just letting you know that the package arrived a little while ago. I am going to use it for my afternoon tea break. Thanks for the prompt service! Johanna

I just love OstfriesenTee it is a reminder of my growing up in Ostfriesland.Thank you Daniel

Thank You. I now have a source for or tea and accessories.