Ostfriesische Teas
Madison, WI
Phone/Fax (608) 226-0427
“That tea is so amazing and I need very little to make a strong cup. Lasts a long time. When I was in Germany in October I bought some packages of Ostfriesen tea in bags but nothing to compare so I am finally running out and excited about receiving again. I will send you a check.”

"Your Supplier for Keeping the Tradition "
Mother's  Day Giftbag for someone you Love!

-Real Ostfriesen Tea (100g) 
-Real Ostfr. Kluntje (250g)
Pink flower printed bag, ribbon & card
-USPS Priority (2-3days) 

 (Provide "To:" & "From:"
  names when ordering)  

All for $17.00 each! 
(includes shipping)
“I am soooooooooooooooooo looking forward to schluerping my tea. 
Thank you !”