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“Hi Daniel, Love the prayer picture. Quality is outstanding. Beautiful craftsmanship. Mom was so happy. Thanks. 

" Supplies for Keeping the Tradition "
“A Home without Tea is merely a House." We saw this sign in Ireland a few years ago.”​
it's not too late!

to send a Special Christmas Gift bag.

-Real Ostfriesen TEE (100gr)
-Real Ostfriesen KLUNTJE (250gr)
-printed bag, ribbon & card
-shipping is included

Provide "To:" & "From:"
names when ordering

All for $18.00 each!

Thank you SO much for responding to my request for more tea so quickly! I'm thrilled that you're able to fit an extra box in when shipping it! I'll get you paid shortly! I'm thankful that you're able to "feed my tea addiction
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