Ostfriesische Teas
Madison, WI
Phone/Fax (608) 226-0427
“My sister in-law in Oldenberg, Germany has been sending me this tea for years and I've never knew where to get it State side. So happy to have found you. Please email the invoice total and I'll place a check in the mail.”

"Your Supplier for Keeping the Tradition "
Mother’s Day Giftbag 
For someone you Love!

-Real Ostfriesen Tea (100gr)
-Real Ostfriesen Kluntje (250gr)
Pink flower printed bag, ribbon & card
-USPS Priority (2-3 days)

(Please provide To: & From: names when ordering)

All for $18.00 each!
(includes shipping)

“Daniel, you're the best! I put a check in the mailbox for you just now. You should receive it this week. Have a great day.”​